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15 Spring Vegetable Recipes – Korean Bapsang

Listed here are some scrumptious Korean dishes you can also make with contemporary, seasonal greens this spring!

4 x 6 in copy 3 3 - 15 Spring Vegetable Recipes4 x 6 in copy 3 3 - 15 Spring Vegetable Recipes

Spring is right here! There are many fantastic spring greens accessible in grocery shops and farmers markets. Search for contemporary ramps, younger spinach with lovely purple stems, skinny spring scallions, and even mugwort (ssuk, 쑥)! You may additionally discover dandelion leaves and garlic scapes at your native grocery retailer or farmer’s market, and undoubtedly everybody ought to seize some asparagus this time of 12 months!

Spring greens are so scrumptious as a result of they’re sweeter and extra tender than after they mature later within the rising season. Consuming these tasty greens within the spring have a lot of well being advantages too. 

In Korea, there are an infinite variety of completely different farmed and wild greens that peak this time of 12 months. One of many causes that I like visiting Korea in springtime! As a younger baby, I grew up within the countryside, not too removed from Seoul, with loads of fields and small hills. I’ve many fond recollections of simply going out into the sphere with mates and choosing all types of untamed greens equivalent to ssuk, (쑥, mugwort), dallae (달래, Korean wild chives), naengi (냉이, Shepherd’s purse), and so forth. We simply picked them for enjoyable, however they have been become scrumptious dishes by our moms.

Over time, I began to develop a number of completely different Korean wild greens in my yard. I’ve been harvesting and having fun with them in lots of dishes. I hope to share extra about them sooner or later.  

To encourage you, here’s a round-up of a few of my favourite recipes you can also make to get pleasure from your spring veggies!


Spinach (sigeumchi, 시금치) is offered 12 months spherical, however spring spinach is very tender and flavorful! In Korea, spinach bunches are often offered with roots connected. Each the leaves and stems, together with the foundation crowns, are utilized in cooking, which provides a pleasant candy taste and chewy texture to the dish. So, attempt to discover younger spring spinach with their purple-red root crowns, if you happen to can. 

1. Sigeumchi Namul

A easy, however extremely widespread aspect dish! Additionally attempt the identical strategies and seasonings with child kale, watercress, snow pea ideas, and so forth.

DSC 1945 1 e1518809724815 - 15 Spring Vegetable RecipesDSC 1945 1 e1518809724815 - 15 Spring Vegetable Recipes

2. Sigeumchi Doenjang Guk

This spinach soup made with doenjang is a well-liked soup in Korea, particularly in spring. Generally made with anchovy broth, the soup is mild and refreshing! My mom generally used clams within the soup, which is how I make it. 

DSC 1844 e1486526464288 - 15 Spring Vegetable RecipesDSC 1844 e1486526464288 - 15 Spring Vegetable Recipes

Additionally, spring spinach is scrumptious in kimbap and bibimbap


Dandelion leaves will be fairly bitter, however are additionally full of vitamins! They’ve been utilized in natural drugs in Korea and different Asian international locations. Dandelion greens could also be accessible at your Korean markets and even your native grocery shops in springtime. 

3. Mindeulle Muchim (Dandelion salad)

This barely spicy, candy and vinegary salad turns dandelion leaves right into a scrumptious salad. For those who can’t discover dandelion leaves in your space, this sauce recipe can be nice with spring combine, arugula, child spinach, or crown daisy (ssukgat, 쑥갓). I additionally use it to make a salad with dolnamul (돌나물, stonecrop) I develop in my yard. 

DSC 0740 e1425911644472 - 15 Spring Vegetable RecipesDSC 0740 e1425911644472 - 15 Spring Vegetable Recipes


You may also get asparagus 12 months spherical, however this vegetable is actually the very best when it’s in season within the spring. You should utilize it in lots of Korean recipes equivalent to bibimbap and kimbap. along with the recipes under.

4. Asparagus with Gochujang Sauce

Additionally, asparagus is scrumptious as this banchan dish in spicy gochujang sauce

DSC 0733 1 e1651347035125 - 15 Spring Vegetable RecipesDSC 0733 1 e1651347035125 - 15 Spring Vegetable Recipes

5. Myulchu kimbap

I used asparagus on this spicy anchovy kimbap, however you should use it in any kimbap recipes. 

Myulchu gimbap 1 - 15 Spring Vegetable RecipesMyulchu gimbap 1 - 15 Spring Vegetable Recipes


Watercress is loaded with many necessary vitamins equivalent to necessary nutritional vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin Ok. I like its barely bitter, spicy and peppery style. 

6. Watercress namul

Watercress namul is ready similar to siguemchi (spinach) namul — blanched and seasoned with a number of fundamental components. When evenly cooked, watercress has that crunchy and chewy texture Korean namul is thought for.

DSC6253 e1653074693237 - 15 Spring Vegetable RecipesDSC6253 e1653074693237 - 15 Spring Vegetable Recipes


Referred to as wild garlic or wild leek, they’ve a gentle onion taste, and are extra garlicky than scallions. Every plant has a few flat, broad leaves with an extended, reddish stem with a small spherical bulb. Ramps are similar to (if not the identical as) myeongi namul (명이나물) in Korea, which is loved many alternative methods — contemporary, cooked or pickled. 

7. Spring Bibimbap with Tuna 

On this spring bibimbap recipe, I used ramps together with different spring greens equivalent to asparagus and peas. I generally add some Korean greens equivalent to minari, buchu, and kkaennip as effectively. A gochujang sauce is often utilized in conventional bibimbap, however a soy sauce-based sauce works splendidly effectively with this dish.

DSC9252 6 - 15 Spring Vegetable RecipesDSC9252 6 - 15 Spring Vegetable Recipes

8. Jangajji (Vegetable Pickles)

Ramp season is brief, so you too can protect your ramps by pickling them with my jangajji recipe and luxuriate in all year long. Nice with Korean BBQ!

DSC2256 e1618709498499 - 15 Spring Vegetable RecipesDSC2256 e1618709498499 - 15 Spring Vegetable Recipes

Inexperienced Onions (Scallions)

You should utilize any forms of scallions for these dishes, however spring skinny scallions equivalent to jjokpa (쪽파) and silpa (실파) are particularly scrumptious. 

9. Pa kimchi 

Additionally, you should definitely make this simple pa kimchi  with these spring inexperienced onions. This pa kimchi goes nice with any grilled meat, like samgyupsal, or added to kimchi jigae particularly when it will get extra bitter. This kimchi can be wonderful in a bowl of on the spot ramyun. 

DSC 2588 e1520222499810 - 15 Spring Vegetable RecipesDSC 2588 e1520222499810 - 15 Spring Vegetable Recipes

10. Haemul Pajeon (scallion pancakes)

You may make pajeon with any forms of scallions, however spring skinny scallions equivalent to jjokpa (쪽파) and silpa (실파) are nice for pajeon as they’re candy and tender. 

DSC3289 - 15 Spring Vegetable RecipesDSC3289 - 15 Spring Vegetable Recipes

11. Inexperienced onion tied shrimp and asparagus

Tender skinny inexperienced onions known as shilpa (실파) in Korean, which implies skinny as a thread. Often you may get scallions all 12 months spherical, but when you will discover the skinny spring inexperienced onion, this shrimp dish will elevate this vegetable (and impress your folks!). 

DSC 1017 2 e1651347442495 - 15 Spring Vegetable RecipesDSC 1017 2 e1651347442495 - 15 Spring Vegetable Recipes


Referred to as water dropwort within the U.S., minari is a long-stemmed inexperienced vegetable with hole stems and small inexperienced leaves with serrated edges. It has a barely bitter and peppery style with a pointy, distinctive contemporary natural accent. Minari is a well-liked herb and vegetable in Korea not just for its taste however for a lot of well being advantages together with detoxifying results. 

12. Minari Jeon

A easy Korean savory pancake made with minari (aka water dropwort or Korean watercress) is a good way to benefit from the vegetable’s distinctive contemporary natural taste.

DSC9010 e1619204075980 - 15 Spring Vegetable RecipesDSC9010 e1619204075980 - 15 Spring Vegetable Recipes


Onions (yangpa, 양파) are versatile and accessible all 12 months lengthy. Nonetheless, when spring comes round, freshly-harvested onions are tender and candy. It’s the very best time to make some kimchi with them. 

13. Yangpa (onion) kimchi

DSC0306 e1654360607107 - 15 Spring Vegetable RecipesDSC0306 e1654360607107 - 15 Spring Vegetable Recipes

Garlic scapes

Garlic scapes (maneuljjong, 마늘쫑 ) are often accessible within the late spring and early summer season, when scapes are most tender and candy. Garlic scapes are the curly flowering shoots/stalks of garlic crops which can be snipped off to permit the bulbs to develop greater. They’ve a milder taste than garlic cloves however are nonetheless fairly garlicky. When cooked, the scapes turn into sweeter with a refined garlic undertone and have a texture much like that of skinny asparagus.

14. Stir-fried Garlic Scapes (Maneuljjong Bokkeum)

For those who see some garlic scapes at your grocery retailer, do this easy stir-fried banchan dish. 
DSC 3942 e1558225262641 - 15 Spring Vegetable RecipesDSC 3942 e1558225262641 - 15 Spring Vegetable Recipes

15. Maneuljjong Muchim (Spicy Garlic Scapes)

For this recipe, blanch the scapes in boiling water. Blanching brings out mildly candy garlic taste and tenderizes the scapes. After rinsing them in chilly water and draining, combine with a number of fundamental seasoning components.
cropped DSC6430 2 e1655224291640 1 - 15 Spring Vegetable Recipescropped DSC6430 2 e1655224291640 1 - 15 Spring Vegetable Recipes

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This listing has been up to date for 2023 with extra recipes.



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