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A Information to Winter Citrus and Extra Varieties – Frog Hole Farm

Particularly as you are craving a contemporary, just-squeezed glass of orange juice, you would possibly ask your self, “When is citrus in season?” Typically, winter is prime time for citrus fruits, though varieties are grown all year long primarily based on location and local weather.

Whether or not to savor the winter citrus harvest in California, or to know extra about this class of fruits, we have put collectively a information to widespread varieties, protecting many grown at Frog Hole Farm and by our farm companions:

What’s a Citrus Fruit?

Regardless of when or the place it is grown, citrus fruits stand upon a handful of key traits. All of them have a thick, considerably pithy rind designed to be peeled off and that may be zested for its oils, which add taste to sauces, desserts and different dishes. Rinds even have fragrant properties and due to this fact get used for extracts.

Peeling the rind offers strategy to a pulpy, juicy heart that divides into smaller segments. You may eat the segments as is, puree them or juice them.

By way of taste and dietary qualities, the flesh itself spans a spectrum from sharp and tart to candy and honey like.

Behind this vary and the a whole lot of sorts on the market, citrus fruits originated in South and East Asia, maybe introduced over initially from Australia and Oceania. At the moment’s fruits may be traced again to the cross-breeding between the citron – a tangy, pith-heavy fruit – and the mandarin and pomelo.

In all circumstances, citrus fruits ship a mixture of the next advantages:

  • Excessive quantities of vitamin C.
  • Antioxidant properties recognized for his or her anti-inflammatory results that will cut back most cancers dangers and enhance metabolic and immune system well being.
  • Low quantities of sugar.

Sorts of Citrus Fruits

In america, the most typical kinds of winter citrus and different varieties embody:


Oranges embody an enormous spectrum of roughly 400 subtypes. Style sensible, they cowl an equally broad array – starting from tart to honey candy. For orange packing containers from Frog Hole Farm, a few of seasonal varieties you may spot embody:

  • Navel oranges:Navel oranges are broadly eaten in america, in addition to different components of the world. These are characterised by an indent on one finish, a thicker rind, an general firmer really feel and an acidic-leaning style. Navels, too, even have their very own spectrum, with cara caras being sweeter than different varieties on the market.
  • Blood oranges: You may acknowledge this orange from its deep pink flesh and sweeter, richer, berry-like style. Blood oranges are likely to have the next polyphenol content material in comparison with different sorts.
  • Mandarin oranges: Mandarins are a sweeter orange with a less-acidic style and better juice content material. Satsumas take these traits up a stage, amping up the sweetness issue.
  • Clementines:Clementines seem just like mandarins – the truth is, many regularly confuse the 2 resulting from their smaller measurement. But, clementines are a kind of smaller, easy-to-peel and sweeter tangerine and don’t have any bitter notes.
  • Kumquats:Kumquats additionally fall inside the spectrum of the orange household. They’ve a extra intense, tart taste and are additionally recognized for an edible peel. You, in flip, can eat them entire, peel and all, or puree them entire.
  • Tangerines:Tangerines are a smaller orange with a visually brighter exterior, looser peel and honey-like to tart style. Whereas they, too, are a winter citrus, their rising season extends into spring.
  • Valencia oranges:Valencia oranges are recognized for thinner skins and juicy fruit with extra seeds. Typically, this orange originating in Spain is most popular for orange juice.
  • Minneola:Minneolas stability acidic, tangy and aromatic notes, in the end bringing collectively attributes of grapefruits and tangerines.
  • Different varieties: Much less widespread in america are Seville oranges – used for alcoholic drinks like triple sec for its bitter taste – and Bergamot, usually grown in Italy and wanted for its flavor-intense oil, which is commonly added to Earl Gray tea. We develop each varieties and use them for our extremely coveted limited-production Seville orange marmalade and Bergamot orange marmalade.


Lemons are a brilliant yellow, acidic fruit recognized for a tart taste.

In america, the Eureka and Lisbon varieties are probably the most commercially obtainable: Whereas they style related to one another, the previous options thicker pores and skin, and the latter has a thinner, easier-to-peel rind.

Outdoors of those two primarily used for his or her juice and oil, Meyer lemons go in a sweeter route. This selection is probably going a cross between a conventional lemon and a mandarin, leading to a smaller, milder-tasting fruit with a smoother peel and floral notes. Because of these components, Meyer lemons are perfect for baking – the truth is, Chef Becky turns to them to make Frog Hole Farm’s signature Meyer Lemon Cake!


Limes stand out with their thinner, green-colored peel. Whereas styles and sizes differ internationally, probably the most generally discovered is the Persian lime, which is medium sized, typically seedless, partially acidic and best for juicing resulting from its tender flesh.


Much like oranges, grapefruits run alongside a bitter and acidic to candy spectrum. Stated to be a hybrid between a pomelo and a candy orange, they’re recognized for a thicker pores and skin and a fleshy inside starting from whitish-yellow to pink or darkish pink. By way of commercially obtainable citrus, they’re one of many bigger varieties.

Grapefruits embody the next sorts:

  • Pink grapefruit: That is probably the most broadly obtainable in america and is understood for a sweet-tart taste.
  • Ruby pink grapefruit: Pink grapefruits, like our Rio reds and Star ruby grapefruits, lean within the sweeter route whereas visually having a darker peel and flesh. They’re stated to be an offshoot of pink grapefruits.
  • White grapefruits: These are probably the most bitter and tart and have a tendency so as to add a puckering impact to alcoholic drinks, desserts and savory dishes.

Different Sorts of Citrus Fruits

Outdoors of those extra broadly seen varieties, different citrus fruits you could encounter embody:

  • Pomelo: Additionally referred to as a Pamplemousse, pummelo or shaddock, the pomelo is a big, melon-shaped citrus with a thick rind, few seeds and candy flesh. They’re extra widespread in East and Southeast Asia than in america.
  • Yuzu: We’re seeing better demand within the U.S. for yuzus, a small, lemon-like citrus with a wrinkled exterior and low-acidic taste. A staple of Japanese delicacies and likewise eaten in Korea and China, this citrus provides a mixture of tart taste and floral notes, regardless of for those who use the peel or the juice.
  • Citron: One of many authentic citrus fruits, the citron has a thicker, tougher layer of bitter-tasting pith and yellow pores and skin. Inside is a small quantity of flesh with a lemon-like style.


Discover an expansive array of citrus fruits from Frog Hole Farm and our companions. Browse our choice to order a field as we speak!



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