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Bleu de Termignon can assist avert French cheese’s ‘extinction’ disaster

The explanation for this was an article revealed by the French Nationwide Centre for Scientific Analysis echoing the issues of two researchers who had been learning the lack of genetic variety in fungus species tailored to be used by cheesemakers.  

It is because through the years, cheese producers had more and more relied on species that may reproduce asexually. That is perfect for industrial-scale cheese manufacturing, however unhealthy for the species’ genetic variety.

“Fungi can reproduce each sexually and asexually, and for cheesemaking, the asexual copy is used,” defined Jeanne Ropars, who alongside colleague Tatiana Giraud has been researching the lack of key genetic traits in fungi used for cheesemaking. “For replicating a pressure, you simply take a bit of mycelium from a medium and put it on a brand new medium; it is clonal copy.


P. Roqueforti is the the species used to supply Roquefort. Picture: Getty/Enez Selvi

“The issue with asexual copy is that there isn’t a approach to stop accumulation of deleterious mutations in genomes and that there isn’t a genetic variety. This lack of variety prevents the species to have the ability to adapt to adjustments.”

Fungi chosen for cheesemaking are picked for sure most well-liked traits, reminiscent of how effectively they develop on cheese, the color and aromas they supply, and the non-production of mycotoxins. For instance, a single mutant of Penicillium camemberti that delivers Camembert’s white, smooth rind has change into the go-to pressure for cheesemakers.

However it’s change into more and more troublesome to acquire spores of the white pressure, which has additionally misplaced its skill to breed. “We’re involved in regards to the dramatic genetic loss on this species, as P. camemberti is a single white albino mutant,” Ropars mentioned. “There isn’t any means for P. camemberti to deal with the buildup of deleterious mutations in its genome.”



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