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Cup and Char Pepperoni – Thursday Night time Pizza

Need to make restaurant-quality cup and char pepperoni pizza at house? On this publish, you may be taught which sort of pepperoni works finest, what makes it curl, and get essentially the most scrumptious ends in a normal oven.

Thursday Night Pizza cup and char pepperoniThursday Night Pizza cup and char pepperoni

What Precisely is Cup and Char Pepperoni?

Properly, it is precisely what it appears like: pepperoni that curls up into cups and chars across the edges when it is heated. Regardless of what numerous firms need you to consider, you wouldn’t have to purchase a product labeled “cup and char” so as to get ‘roni cup outcomes. The truth is, labels will do you little to no good typically, because the several types of pepperoni are not often labeled as such.

If you would like pepperoni to cup up in your home made pizza because it bakes, it’s essential select the best-quality stick pepperoni you could find and reduce it into skinny (however not too skinny) slices with a pointy chef’s knife.

Nonetheless undecided what I imply? This is what to search for when shopping for pepperoni for a cup and char pizza:

  1. Don’t purchase the super-thin pre-sliced pepperoni that is normally displayed within the deli part of your grocery retailer. Although scrumptious in its personal proper, one of these pepperoni will lay flat (or curl just a bit) when it is baked on a pizza.
  2. Select a stick of pepperoni that’s brick-red in coloration, onerous, and lumpy on the skin. These are the traits of what’s generally referred to as “previous world” or artisan pepperoni, which is the most effective cupping choice due to its pure or collagen casing and smaller circumference.
  3. Lower the pepperoni your self into thin-ish slices. Pizza guru J. Kenji López-Alt recommends a thickness between .1 inch (2.5 mm) and .225 (5.6 mm), however I’ve had the most effective outcomes with slices which can be roughly ⅛ inch (3.2 mm) thick.

Experiment Time: Does it Matter How You Bake the Pizza?

Out of curiosity (and since Lopez-Alt left this out of his personal cup and char pepperoni examine for Critical Eats), I carried out an experiment to see whether or not pepperoni slices cup up otherwise relying on how a pizza is baked. I used the identical three forms of pepperoni (pre-sliced, American-style stick pepperoni, and “old-world” stick pepperoni) for every of two pizzas, in addition to the identical sauce, cheese, and dough. I baked one of many pizzas on a pizza pan at 500°F. Then, I preheated my baking stone to 550°F for an hour, switched to Broil on excessive, and baked the opposite one immediately on the stone.

Check #1: Can I get pepperoni cups on a pizza pan?

This was a pleasing shock. The high-quality (“old-world”/artisan) pepperoni cupped up properly on the pan pizza, and the American-style stick pepperoni curled up just a bit on the edges.

different pepperoni types on pan pizzadifferent pepperoni types on pan pizza

Check #2: Will all three forms of pepperoni cup up on a high-heat baking stone pizza?

baking stone pepperoni pizza before bakingbaking stone pizza after baking

Since I might already made a lot of cup and char pepperoni pizzas on my baking stone, I knew this methodology would produce scrumptious “previous world” ‘roni cups. What stunned me was the efficiency of the American-style variations.

Whereas the artisanal pepperoni slices cupped up gorgeously, as anticipated, they weren’t alone. The sliced-by-hand American-style stick pepperoni curled nearly into cups, too, and even the bigger pre-sliced model baked into shallow bowls.

different pepperoni types on baking stone pizzadifferent pepperoni types on baking stone pizza


If you would like the most effective cup and char pepperoni, get the good things and slice it by hand to a uniform ⅛-inch thickness (or barely thinner). The roni cups can be barely extra outlined should you bake them on the highest warmth on a baking stone, however they may even curl up properly on a pizza pan or baking sheet at 500°F.


Do I’ve to purchase a pepperoni that’s labeled “cup and char” if I need these ‘roni cups?

Nope! Your finest wager is to move over to the deli space of your grocery retailer or, even higher, the closest cheese and/or charcuterie store, and discover a stick of pepperoni with pure or collagen casings. Then, if you’re able to make pizza, slice the pepperoni thinly (about 1/16 to ⅛ inch thick) with an enormous chef’s knife.

What’s “previous world” pepperoni?

Not like the American (“new world”) model, which is decrease in fats, cured for shorter quantities of time, and made with an artificial casing, “previous world” pepperoni is greater in fats, has pure casings (both pork gut or collagen), a deeper crimson coloration, and a tougher, dryer, lumpier texture. That is the kind that’s closest to the authentic pepperoni, primarily based on Italian dry-cured salami recipes.

What different toppings ought to I embody on my cup and char pepperoni pizza?

In the event you’re a purist, the one different toppings you want are crimson sauce and cheese. Nevertheless, I do love the addition of sliced inexperienced bell peppers and/or mushroom, which add a welcome trace of sweetness. (Talking of which, have you ever tried my Pepperoni and Broccoli Rabe Pizza with Scorching Honey? It is amazeballs.)

pepperoni cups on baked pizzapepperoni cups on baked pizza



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