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First human case of chook flu linked to sick dairy cows confirmed in US

The an infection in a human, which is just the second in US historical past of an individual contaminated with chook flu, is believed to be linked with the latest outbreak of avian influenza A(H5N1) in dairy cows.

The present outbreak of extremely pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) started in 2022, with H5N1 being the first pressure. Till not too long ago, it had by no means been detected in ruminants.

However in late March, the USDA reported that cows sickened by a ‘thriller illness’ that made them produce thick, colostrum-like milk and lowered their urge for food, was in truth avian flu. The detections are considered linked to wild waterfowl, however federal businesses are investigating a number of eventualities.  

Till not too long ago, consultants believed cows to be ‘dead-end hosts’, that means that contaminated cows have been unlikely to additional transmit the virus to different cows or to people. Nevertheless, folks with shut or extended unprotected exposures to contaminated animals or environments are considered at higher threat of an infection.

The Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention mentioned the individual presumed to be contaminated with the A(H5N1) pressure ‘had publicity to dairy cattle in Texas’ and their solely symptom was eye redness in line with conjunctivitis. They’re being handled with an antiviral flu drug and are recovering however have been instructed to isolate.

“This an infection doesn’t change the H5N1 chook flu human well being threat evaluation for the US basic public, which CDC considers to be low,” the group mentioned.

Cow-to-cow transmission ‘can’t be dominated out’

Over the weekend, the USDA additionally confirmed a case of HPAI in a Michigan dairy that had not too long ago acquired cows from Texas. The pressure of the virus present in Michigan was ‘very related’ to the pressure confirmed in Texas and Kansas and implies that cow to cow transmission ‘can’t be dominated out’.



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