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Florida Pure Farming?

Epiphyte, do you’ve gotten a video of the way you planted orchids on that vast tree, the seeds that sprouted? My spouse may be very a lot into aroids and we now have a lot of massive bushes right here however the winds appear to have eliminated all her earlier makes an attempt at planting orchid seeds and anthurium seeds, so she needed to go deeper into the forest. Would recognize rather a lot the technical particulars, how removed from current epiphytes, which location on the tree and so forth.

sorry, no video.  coincidentally a pair days in the past i observed that our current extreme winds, for socal, had fully dislodged an enormous and really outdated clump of vegetation together with an anthurium from 3 tales up on my tree.  someway the clump was hanging totally from its quarter inch drip tube.  mainly my large mistake when i hooked up the bundle was that i failed to connect proper subsequent to it an orchid with actually lengthy and powerful roots… corresponding to a cattleya or vanda.  if i had achieved this then the orchid roots would have secured the bundle to the tree.  for this goal one thing like a typical oncidium with brief wimpy roots would have been ineffective. 

when i connect a cattleya or equally sturdy orchid to a tree i do not use any moss.  it goes immediately on the plain bark through fishing line.  i take advantage of a slip knot method with the fishing line to connect the orchid as tightly as attainable.  if there’s any wiggle room the delicate orchid root ideas will break off and the orchid will not get its roots on the bark and it’ll languish.  for much less sturdy orchids like typical oncidiums i am going to put some moss inbetween it and the bark.  string can work simply advantageous however it is not as aesthetic.  in some circumstances after the orchid has established you will want to chop the fishing line or string to forestall girdling. 

for the remainder of the epiphytes i take advantage of an honest quantity of sphagnum moss.  on a desk or one thing i am going to 1st use fishing line to create a moss bundle with all kinds of epiphytes.  i’m going round and across the bundle with the fishing line till the whole lot is tremendous cosy and that i can raise the bundle up with none moss or epiphytes falling off.  then i am going to use fishing line to connect the bundle to the tree proper subsequent to a cattleya or vanda or comparable orchid with roots that can develop into the bundle and ensure it stays on the tree.

for the orchid seeds, mainly i harvested seeds of assorted epiphytic orchids till i had like a small handful.  i put the seeds in a big plastic bottle, stuffed it with water, and shook vigorously.  then i slowly dripped it everywhere in the tree.  all of the seeds that germinated did so inside a half inch of the roots of orchids on the tree.  in my dry circumstances that is so far as the fungus managed to increase from their residence within the thick and succulent orchid roots.  i am certain it is a totally different story in moist and humid florida.   

so far as location on the tree… bundles sometimes are nearer to the shady facet of the tree, whereas sturdy orchids are subsequent to them nearer to the sunny facet of the tree.  by way of horizontal branches i desire to place epiphytes on the underside of the branches.  it makes them barely much less inclined to being trampled on by the same old suspects. 

staghorn ferns create glorious “pots” for all types of vegetation.  at a neighborhood nursery some critters planted some lemon guava seeds on a staghorn hooked up to a palm…

should you look intently on the prime, the seedlings are beginning to fruit! 

the outdated layers of protect fronds mixed with the advantageous roots of the stags create a medium that drains completely but in addition retains moisture.  i am certain the ph is basically good as nicely.  i’ve seen the whole lot from roses to aroids fortunately rising in stags.  a man in queensland that i comply with on ig has a queen anthurium fortunately rising in a platycerium superbum.

that is cool that your spouse is into aroids.  so you’ll be able to each watch fnf movies collectively since he is obtained a very nice assortment of aroids rising amongst his uncommon fruit bushes.  i’ve all the time liked aroids and it has been a visit seeing all the brand new varieties flood the market due to the massive spike in demand that has resulted from their recognition in social media. 

let me know if you would like any extra particulars.  getting vegetation onto bushes is not all the time the simplest factor, however it’s completely price all the additional variety and the related advantages. 



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