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New Zealand’s A2 and goat milk toddler formulation agency launches plant-based possibility

Launched on March 11, the brand new product referred to as Haven Oat Toddler Drink, will add to the agency’s current A2 milk and goat milk for each infants and toddlers.

The product is claimed to be 100 per cent oat-based, which CEO Kara Fleming mentioned was completely different from current plant-based toddler drinks which include a mix of a number of plant substances from soy, pea, to rice proteins.

Utilizing a few of these substances might additionally end in challenges round product style and texture.

That is particularly when pea protein is used, because it might result in unfavourable sensory features, equivalent to a chalky aftertaste or grainy textures, Fleming mentioned, including that this might be overcome through the use of a singular plant protein.

“To distinguish ourselves, we set out with a mindset of making a formulation based mostly on a singular plant protein and we now have been capable of obtain that with our oat milk powder base which we fortify with a singular oat protein.

“This has allowed us to create a product with a easy substances panel, superior style profile and creamy texture in comparison with different toddler choices available in the market,” ​she mentioned.

Developed underneath the steering of meals scientist and toddler diet advisor, Lynley Drummond, the product comprises oat milk fortified with a singular oat protein, an algae-derived DHA for supporting mind improvement, and lutein for wholesome eye improvement.

It additionally comprises plant-based prebiotics and probiotics, 16 important nutritional vitamins and minerals, and a proprietary mild oil mix. It’s each palm oil and GMO-free.



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