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What’s the Distinction Between a Peach and a Nectarine? – Frog Hole Farm

A candy and aromatic stone fruit that is ripe sufficient to drip juice down your chin is without doubt one of the best joys of summer time. On that good, sizzling day in August if you need to get pleasure from some candy, refreshing magic by the pool, what do you attain for first? A peach? A nectarine? And what’s the distinction anyway? 

Nectarines and peaches are nearly genetically an identical. Nectarines are primarily peaches in disguise, however they’re thought to be completely different fruits commercially. Usually talking, the primary distinction is the fuzz. A recessive gene in nectarines impacts their potential to make plant “hair.” You may say that nectarines are literally simply bald peaches! And once in a while you possibly can spot a nectarine rising naturally on certainly one of our peach bushes. Sneaky!

  • Origin and Title: Peaches and nectarines share a typical ancestor from China. Peaches of legend conferred immortality and have been treasured by historical Emperors. Within the early seventeenth century a horticulturist by the identify of George Minifie is alleged to have introduced the primary from England to the USA, planting peach bushes at his Property of Buckland in Virginia. Nectarines take the identify from the phrase “nectar,” that means “meals of the gods.” And the scientific identify for peaches is “persica,” which alludes to an early European perception that peaches got here from Persia. The Historical Romans referred to as the peach “malum persicum” or “Persian apple,” which later grew to become “pêche” in French after which “peach” in English.
  • Style and Look: Totally different types of peaches and nectarines differ of their texture, style, and aroma. As with peaches, nectarines might be white or yellow, clingstone or freestone. On common, they’re barely smaller and sweeter than their cousins and their lack of fuzz could make their skins seem extra reddish. The deeper, generally purplish coloration of nectarines contributes to a mistaken perception that they’re hybrids of peaches and plums. Not true! Peaches and nectarines additionally share a scrumptious sweetness. Each white peaches and white nectarines have much less acidity than their yellow counterparts, making them sweeter. Right here at Frog Hole, we pay shut consideration to the sugar content material in our fruit from one orchard to a different, one season to the subsequent. Rachel Sullivan retains detailed information of how candy the completely different types of peach and nectarine are that we develop by measuring their “brix” stage at completely different factors of the harvest season. Right here’s how the brix of our common peach and nectarine compares to the fruit you’d discover in a median grocery retailer:


Fruit Kind Common Industrial Brix # * Common Frog Hole Brix #
Peach 10 14
Nectarine 12 18


  • Well being Advantages: Peaches and nectarines are nutritionally very related. The place the distinction lies is between Frog Hole’s stone fruit and the peaches and nectarines of the typical grocery retailer. At our farm, we’re desirous about vitamins all through every tree’s life: from what it wants when it’s a tiny child, all the way in which into adolescence and maturity—the upkeep required, the look after the soil, the water, the time, and the power we should put in. We don’t harvest for shelf life or journey time. We harvest for peak ripeness. Not solely are you able to style the distinction, however the further work we do right here makes every ensuing peach higher for you. When crops photosynthesize, they convert mild power into good sugars and minerals. The higher the soil, the higher the plant can photosynthesize. And the extra the plant can photosynthesize, the much less liable to pests and illnesses it’s. Letting nature’s tiny soil microbes do their factor (like we do) strengthens soil and produces higher meals. Meals that’s good for us is best for the ecosystem through which it was grown. And for the planet too! 
  • Varieties & The place to Discover: Peaches and nectarines now develop all through the world’s temperate areas, however discover a uniquely suited dwelling in California’s Mediterranean local weather. Greater than 95 % of the nectarines grown in the USA are from right here. On Frog Hole Farm in Brentwood, we develop over twelve types of peaches which are harvested from mid-June to early September. And we develop seven yellow-fleshed types of nectarines and two white-fleshed varieties which are usually harvested from early July to early September.
  • Culinary Makes use of: The firmness of nectarines makes them nice for cooking, grilling, and salads. Peaches are sometimes a favourite for baking. (Though, have you ever ever had a nectarine crumble? As a result of yum.) Many bakers and cooks will take away a peach’s pores and skin for pies or jams as a result of it could turn out to be more durable when cooked. For nectarines, the pores and skin makes much less of a distinction, so many bakers depart it on. 


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